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ARRL International Grid Chase: Jan. – Dec.

ARRL International Grid Chase – New Year’s Eve to Dec. 31
An event for all radio amateurs. Taking part is as simple as just getting on the air and making contacts: The objective of the year-long event is to work stations on any band (except 60 meters) in as many different Maidenhead grid squares as possible, and then upload your logs to ARRL’s Logbook of The World (LoTW). All contacts on all permitted Amateur Radio bands, except 60 meters, are eligible for award credit. This includes contest contacts. ARRL Grid Chase site.

ARRL Contest Rule Change for Clubs

The ARRL recently announced they were making changes to the club competition rules, effective with the November CW Sweepstakes and affecting all 9 ARRL HF and VHF contests that offer a club competition category. Basically they’ve set up a new web site where the club rosters can be uploaded, they’ve changed the deadline for updating the rosters to the start time of the contest instead of 30 days after, and they’re going to use member’s grid squares instead of lat/long to determine eligibility. So, if you’re thinking of entering any of the ARRL contests this season, and you’d like to help the PAARC results as well, contact Ed, N3WXW, has your details (name, call, 6 digit grid square) so he can keep the club’s contest roster up to date. Find your 6 digit grid square here: Amateur Radio Ham Radio Maidenhead Grid Square Locator Map 

PA QSO Party – Oct. 8 & 9

Join PAARC members in participating in another fun PA QSO Party for 2016!  Pennsylvania Amateurs will try to contact as many other amateurs in Pennsylvania, the United States, Canada and the world in this two day contest. Some forty-five plaques will be awarded for multiple categories of operation. This event is sponsored by the Nittany Amateur Radio Club (NARC). Operation period: 1600Z October 8 to 0500Z October 9, and 1300Z October 9 to 2200Z October 9, 2016. Learn more at the party webpage: here for Contest Rules pdf.  Spotting site for contest:

13 Colonies Special Event – July 1 to 6

This Years Event Dates / July 1 (9AM EST) to July 6th (Midnight EST)
(July 1, 2016-1300 UTC to July 7, 2016-0400 UTC)

PAARC members had so much fun participating in the 13 Colonies Special Event in past years, that a few wanted to get more involved. This year some members will operate special event station WM3PEN for part of the time during this 6 day event. If you plan to participate and work colony stations, you’re encouraged to spot it for others at DX Summit. In 2015, over 126,000 total contacts were made in this event.

“Join us to honor the 13 original Colonies, our Independence and our Veterans and Military.” 73′ Ken Villone -KU2US, event founder

This year’s theme is “Colonial Soldiers of the Revolution.” Learn more about the event here:

June VHF Contest

Just a reminder that the June Contest is coming up next weekend on the 11th
– 13th. Times are from 2 pm Saturday until 11 pm Sunday night. Details on the
Arrl website


Updated: If you want your contest score to be added to the club’s contest score, be sure to enter the club’s name as: Pottstown Area ARC

Rumor has it that Ed/K3BVQ might be on 50.400 at times to see if he can grab
a few contacts just for fun. I’ll be there Ed! Willie/WF3M can usually be
found cranking out some CW in around 50.090 – 50.099. The only exchange you
need is Call & Grid Square. For me it’s fn-20. I give my call & grid, and
he/she gives theirs. That it! It’s that simple.
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