Our mission is to support increased awareness and growth of amateur radio in the community, to provide for the continued education and the increased proficiency of our members, and to promote advancement in the science and art of amateur radio. By offering educational programs, classes, and licensing examinations; by promoting the sharing of radio knowledge; and by encouraging experimental activities in radio communications and electronics, we endeavor to advance the interest, knowledge, and fraternalism of amateur radio in the community, and to serve the public interest and safety. We are an ARRL affiliated club and Pennsylvania non-profit corporation.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly meetings. Come explore the popular hobby and service of Amateur Radio!  It is a useful hobby for all ages. A radio license is not needed to participate in club activities.  Join us!

Members of the Pottstown Amateur Radio Club are expected to be good ambassadors for Amateur Radio and the responsible use of RF.  No matter what radio service you operate in, you should abide by the rules of that service, and set the example of good operating practices.