PAARC is an active Amateur Radio club serving the amateur radio community with radio repeaters and nets, monthly meetings that are educational and build community, ARRL testing, and opportunities for amateurs to hone their radio skills at events like Field Day.

PAARC members are active in ongoing training and emergency communication services to support the region time of disaster, and many are also members of ARES, RACES, and SKYWARN.

Members contribute to the greater Pottstown area with the donation of man-hours and equipment for communication support for community walks, runs, and cycling events.

Learn more about club meetings and events:

The best way to learn about PAARC is to attend a meeting. Even if you don’t have your license yet, you are welcome to come to a meeting and learn more about the club and what Amateur Radio has to offer.

Read about PAARC events

2016 Montgomery County 4H Fair: https://www.paarc.net/events/4h-fair-2016/

2016 Field Day: https://www.paarc.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/ARRL-Field-Day-2016.pdf