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New Digital Net on Sundays @ 8 pm

All are welcome to join in on the new PAARC digital net for Yaesu System Fusion operators on Sundays at 8:00 pm local time on 443.550. Net Control is RC, KC3HRV. This net follows the 70 cm Club Net at 7:30 pm on 443.550 with Ed, K3BVQ. See these and the other PAARC nets listed on our Google Calendar.

6M Nets on the Hill – Aug. 30

This week, Wednesday, August 30th the Magician’s will be heading over to Spring Mount Ski Lodge located in Schwenksville for the yearly “Net on a Hill” Adventure.  Equipment used for the Magician’s Net will be my trusty Yaesu ft-991 running 100 watts into a pair of “STACKED” OA-50’s.  Power for the electronics will be provided by Honda which was generously donated by Dr. Bill/W3FRB who also supplied the OA-50’s that Bill/KA3RMM meticulously crafted together to make a stacked array.  Logging for the nets will be handled by none other than Lee/K3SFX who does a fantastic job of getting all those calls, into the log.  Backup power if needed will be provided by the now famous “Monocacy Hill” Deep Cycle Marine Battery.  I’ll also have some inverters to convert 12VDC to 110VAC if we need them?  Also on the “MOUNTAIN?” will be Mr. Steve/K3ALV (Admiral of Little Vessels) who will meet the challenge of running the Mini Boat Anchor Net AM style.

Times:  Magician’s Net – *8:00pm* local time.  The Mini Boat Anchor Net will follow IMMEDIATELY after Net Control takes the last check-in for the Magician’s Net.


  • Magician’s Net – 50.130 Mhz.  (SSB – Mode)
  • Mini Boat Anchor Net:  50.400 Mhz (AM – Mode)

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Holiday Happenings

CQ, CQ, CQ…Merry Christmas!
Santa Net – Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016 – 8:30 pm on 3.916
PRE-NET CHECK IN: (Please sign in with your call sign, name, location and names and ages of your children who want to talk to Santa) SANTA NET RELAYS: N5VLF/DAN; W5JMW/JOHN; N1LPE/ROBERT; N2HFO/MICHAEL

Christmas Eve Breakfast
Join Ed – K3BVQ, Dennis – KA3RIX and the 220 Group on Saturday, 12/24, at 9:00 am for breakfast at Michael’s Restaurant in Douglassville, PA (Routes 422 and 662)

Santa Claus at the Arctic Circle
Visit to learn how to reach Santa on Christmas Eve.

Commemorative Fessenden Christmas Eve 600-Meter Transmissions Set
Brian Justin, WA1ZMS, of Forest, Virginia, will once again put his 600-meter experimental station on the air for a Christmas Eve commemorative transmission. Continue Reading →

Dec. 2 – Member Night Awards

PAARC 2016 Member Night Awards 
Six club members were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club (PAARC) at their Dec. 2nd meeting in Limerick, PA.
– Jim Steiner, W3BWD, was honored for his service as a founding member of the Pottstown Area Repeater Team, the precursor to PAARC. Jim housed the 2M repeater at his home for eighteen years, and has been a contributing member for over four decades.

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6 Meter Magic Band Nets

We just had another new check-in on the Magician’s Net this week.  His name is John, and his call is W3KFT (Kentucky Fried Turkey).  For all you VHF fans John also runs a 6 meter net on 50.550 MHz (usb) at 9pm on Sunday evenings under the club call of W3AWA.  It’s called the Mobile Sixers Club.  As Magician’s we are always striving for new and better ways to explore the band.  To the beginning 6 meter op it appears at first that the band is dead, but we’re here to show you that you just have to know where the action is.  We’ve shared our discoveries with other clubs notably the Keystone VHF Club, the Packrats club, and now the Mobile Sixers Club.  Everyone’s invited to the nets!!  Being inclusive is one of our strengths!

Propagation Alerts:  As we wind things down heading towards the Winter months that doesn’t mean we have to hibernate, at least not radio wise.  There’s still a little life left in the 6 meter band, but again, you have to turn it on to find out.  At this time of the year up until the month of January we can sometimes experience some great Es openings.  Keep checking for updates.  For a closer look at what Old Sol (the sun) is up to please check out for the latest happenings in the current Solar Cycle.  I know I hound you guys to death with this stuff, but if you’ve never worked Aurora you’re in for a treat!  Look for elevated levels in the A & K indexes.  The more uses you find for those radios, the more fun you’ll have.  Speaking of fun I just started preparing my station to work some meteor scatter using a relatively new digital mode called MSK-144.  It’s included with the newest WSJT-X software that’s been released.  It’s an Alpha version which means it could be buggy, but so far I haven’t had any problems that I can point to, or at least none that were caused by this program.  Time will tell.  Turn on those rigs during the week, and please use those two links I gave in the last paragraph.  I’ve found them to be indispensible when it comes to 6 meter propagation. Continue Reading →

6M Nets from the Fire Tower – Aug. 31


Calling all PAARC members….  calling all

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when we run nets from locations other than our shack.

This year we’ll be running both the Magicians Net and the AM Mini Boat Anchor Net from high atop the Hopewell Fire Tower at French Creek State Park.  We’ll be testing out new antennas that a few of our members recently purchased specifically for 6 meters.  The antenna is called the OA-50, an omni directional antenna model made by Par Electronics.  From initial tests, this thing really works.  Let us know what you think.

Rigs & Antennas:  The Magicians Net will be running a Yaesu FT-991, and the AM Mini Boat AnMagician's Netchor Net will run a Gonset (Gooney) G-50 for the AM portion of the net.  Both stations will be sharing a Par Electronics OA-50 Omni Angle Antenna.

Times: We will start taking check-ins for the Magician’s Net at 8pm this coming Wednesday, August 31st rather than our regularly scheduled time of 8:30pm.  Thank you Ed/K3BVQ for your support!  The AM Mini-Boat Anchor Net will start at its usual time 9pm.

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