This week, Wednesday, August 30th the Magician’s will be heading over to Spring Mount Ski Lodge located in Schwenksville for the yearly “Net on a Hill” Adventure.  Equipment used for the Magician’s Net will be my trusty Yaesu ft-991 running 100 watts into a pair of “STACKED” OA-50’s.  Power for the electronics will be provided by Honda which was generously donated by Dr. Bill/W3FRB who also supplied the OA-50’s that Bill/KA3RMM meticulously crafted together to make a stacked array.  Logging for the nets will be handled by none other than Lee/K3SFX who does a fantastic job of getting all those calls, into the log.  Backup power if needed will be provided by the now famous “Monocacy Hill” Deep Cycle Marine Battery.  I’ll also have some inverters to convert 12VDC to 110VAC if we need them?  Also on the “MOUNTAIN?” will be Mr. Steve/K3ALV (Admiral of Little Vessels) who will meet the challenge of running the Mini Boat Anchor Net AM style.

Times:  Magician’s Net – *8:00pm* local time.  The Mini Boat Anchor Net will follow IMMEDIATELY after Net Control takes the last check-in for the Magician’s Net.


  • Magician’s Net – 50.130 Mhz.  (SSB – Mode)
  • Mini Boat Anchor Net:  50.400 Mhz (AM – Mode)

Participants for the 2017 NET ON THE HILL Mini-Expedition include:

Leonard/WV3P – Net Control for the Magician’s Net.

Dr. Bill/W3FRB – General Field Service Technician (makes great coffee too!)

Bill/KA3RMM – Senior RF Technician/Engineer

Lee/K3SFX – General Logging Coordinator

Steve/K3ALV – Net Control for the Mini Boat Anchor Net

YOU:  Yes, you!  Without participants from the club we have no one to talk to.  Sounds so simple, but you’re actually the reason we do this!  Don’t have a 6 meter rig?  Buddy up with someone!  Make a night of it.

Final Thoughts:  Thanks to “ALL” the participants that make this such a fun event.