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6M Nets from the Fire Tower – Aug. 31


Calling all PAARC members….  calling all

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when we run nets from locations other than our shack.

This year we’ll be running both the Magicians Net and the AM Mini Boat Anchor Net from high atop the Hopewell Fire Tower at French Creek State Park.  We’ll be testing out new antennas that a few of our members recently purchased specifically for 6 meters.  The antenna is called the OA-50, an omni directional antenna model made by Par Electronics.  From initial tests, this thing really works.  Let us know what you think.

Rigs & Antennas:  The Magicians Net will be running a Yaesu FT-991, and the AM Mini Boat AnMagician's Netchor Net will run a Gonset (Gooney) G-50 for the AM portion of the net.  Both stations will be sharing a Par Electronics OA-50 Omni Angle Antenna.

Times: We will start taking check-ins for the Magician’s Net at 8pm this coming Wednesday, August 31st rather than our regularly scheduled time of 8:30pm.  Thank you Ed/K3BVQ for your support!  The AM Mini-Boat Anchor Net will start at its usual time 9pm.

Goals:  To involve the club members of course!  Also to showcase the incredible talent we have in the club.  While one person can do a little, a team can do a whole lot!

What you do to help:  Simply checking into the nets is the first step.  For those who feel a little more adventurous I offer the following challenge.  Take your rig to a nearby hill, backyard, or deck and check in from a location other than your normal operating spot.  Pete/K0BAK has graciously offered to run rover style from the fire tower on Mt. Penn in Reading.  Thanks Pete!!  Others will be operating from their backyard decks.   It’s amazing how the simple act of moving your station outdoors totally changes everything.  PLEASE do not underestimate your role in making any of these adventures a success story.  Without “YOU” we’re just two lonely radio’s on the top of a hill, batting mosquitos, and talking to ourselves.

Net Control Ops:  Leonard/WV3P (Magician’s Net) and Steve/K3ALV (Mini-Boat Anchor Net)

Team Members:  Dr. Bill/W3FRB (Electrical Generation Consultant), Bill/KA3RMM (Technical Advisor), Lee/K3SFX (Logging Coordinator).  These guys are the backbone of the entire operation and I’d like to take a moment to personally thank them for their support!

Hopefully we’ll be hearing from the PAARC membership this Wednesday night starting at 8pm.

In closing I’d like to offer you the Steve/K3ALV Quote of the Day:  “We’re going to light up the sky with 6 meter signals.”

73……  from your local VHF crew.

Completed Six Meter GifMini Boat Anchor Net

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