This Years Event Dates / July 1 (9AM EST) to July 6th (Midnight EST)
(July 1, 2016-1300 UTC to July 7, 2016-0400 UTC)

PAARC members had so much fun participating in the 13 Colonies Special Event in past years, that a few wanted to get more involved. This year some members will operate special event station WM3PEN for part of the time during this 6 day event. If you plan to participate and work colony stations, you’re encouraged to spot it for others at DX Summit. In 2015, over 126,000 total contacts were made in this event.

“Join us to honor the 13 original Colonies, our Independence and our Veterans and Military.” 73′ Ken Villone -KU2US, event founder

This year’s theme is “Colonial Soldiers of the Revolution.” Learn more about the event here: