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ARRLThe Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club (PAARC)

PAARC is an ARRL affiliated, amateur radio club that sponsors many types of activities. PAARC operates 4 FM repeaters including C4FM analog and digital, APRS Digi, and a IRLP Node.  Anyone is welcome, and encouraged to attend our meetings as you do not need to be a radio amateur to participate.

Amateur Radio Exam Session – Aug. 5th

PAARC will offer an amateur radio license exam session on Friday, Aug. 5, at 5:00 pm at St. James Lutheran Church, 93 Kugler Rd., (intersection of Swamp Pike & Kugler Rd.) Limerick, PA 19468. Go for your license or try for an upgrade. Pre-register for the test by sending an email request to VETesting@PAARC.NET.  All test sessions administered by examiners accredited by the ARRL. Read about what to bring to an exam session…
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Club Gathering – Aug. 5th

Our next gathering is Fri., Aug. 5th at 7:00 pm, at St. James Lutheran Church, Kugler Rd. and Swamp Pike in Limerick. This is not a formal meeting, but a summer social gathering. Members, friends, and prospective hams are invited to join us. Enjoy root beer floats generously donated by Bill/W3FRB and Jane/KC3FSR.

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Ed/WA3WSJ – Pedestrian Mobile


At the gathering, Ed/WA3WSJ and Walt/KB3SBC will do a show and tell on the equipment they will take on their upcoming National Parks on the Air adventure in Utah. Learn more about pedestrian mobile at WA3WSJ’s website. View books by WA3WSJ on the topic.

6M Nets from the Fire Tower – Aug. 31st

Special Event:  Both the Magicians Net and Mini Boat Anchor Net will be operating from the Hopewell Fire Tower location on August 31st. Because of the incredible and much appreciated participation from the club, I will start taking check-ins at 8pm on this date, rather than the normal time of 8:30pm.  This time was chosen as not to interfere with the .21 net that Ed/K3BVQ runs at 7:30pm.  The Mini Boat Anchor Net will start at its normally scheduled time of 9pm.

Goals:  The goals are the same as they’ve been from the very beginning.  To make this a “CLUB” event, and to introduce the wonders of VHF to as many people as we can.  The Magicians Net has been a resounding success story made possible because of the many people that have supported it.  To say that we’ve all learned a lot would be an understatement, and to say that we’ve all learned together would be the absolute truth.  There are now more operators enjoying and participating in Contests, Digital Modes, experimenting with antennas, rag chewing, or just enjoying a local chat with a club member.  Some are experiencing this for the first time.  The old saying that says how much more you can do as a team rather than alone speaks for itself.  As with most things in life you have to put something in, to get something out.   Continue Reading →

PAARC Picnic – Sept. 10

Save the date, and join us for our annual club picnic. Plenty of food! Raffles! Bring yourself and enjoy!

When:   Saturday, Sept. 10, at 12 noon
Where:  Ironstone Park, 141 Grist Mill Rd., Boyertown, PA, the new pavilion/full facilities
Cost:     $15 for current members and their families, $5 for children under 14

Pay in advance via PayPal below (w/PayPal fee),  pay Nate N2ADD at the Aug. 5th or Sept. 2nd meetings, or get the mail-in form here.
Questions? Contact Jane KC3FSR at 610-two eight three-876zero.

PAARC Picnic
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Fox Hunt – July 16th

Our next PAARC fox hunt will be on July 16th at 9:30 am.

We’ll start at the Pottsgrove Middle School on 1351 N. Hanover St., Pottstown 19464 N 40 deg., 16.27 min, W 75 deg. 38.15 min.  Al AG3T and Dori will be the foxes.  If anyone needs to borrow equipment contact Jim, I have a log periodic antenna, passive & active attenuators, a boat anchor 2m radio with an analog s meter plus a PennDOT map.  Visit the Fox Hunting page for additional information.  – Jim, K3CHJ Huntmaster

PAARC, PO Box 1485,    

Pottstown, PA 19464