Update: 8/31/2016 – WA3WSJ

If you take a look at Angels Landing, you’ll see that I really can’t NPOTA icon
pack much radio gear to operate up top. So, my plan is to use my Elecraft KX2 as an HT.
I’ll put a few MFJ Telescopic antennas on 18.089, 14.061 and 10.116
My plan is to hike up to the landing and operate. I hope to start on Wednesday, September 8th, around 1500-1600utc.- maybe earlier. If you work me, please post me.

We will will be at Zion NP starting September
7 and 8. We will operate from numerous parts of the park.

Click the below link to view my Zion NP QSL Card and for a tentative


Also listen for us on September 6, from Tule Fossil Springs NM in NV.
This NM has only around 531 Qs to date so I know it’s needed by many
chasers etc.

We land in Las Vegas around 10:30am. We will then rent a vehicle and
drive to Tule.
My guess is an NPOTA Tule NM Activation starting around 1600utc or later.NPOTA iconYes, we have been granted permission from the ARRL to operate from Tule
because we will only operate pedestrian mobile.

If you work us, PLEASE remember to post us as cell coverage is lacking
on this trip. Hope to work you on our UTAH NPOTA Tour!


Plans given prior to travel:

The tentative NPOTA Utah activation schedule is below.

– Walt – KB3SBC: 20m & 40m ssb 14.195mhz , 7.195mhz
– Ed WA3WSJ/pm: 20m cw 14.061mhz & 17m 18.089mhz

  • Tues., Sept. 6: 1600utc – Tule Springs Fossil Beds NM80
  • Wed., Sept. 7: 1500utc – Zion NP59 & Virgin Wild Scenic River WR36
  • Thurs., Sept. 8: 1500utc – Zion NP59
  • Fri., Sept. 9: 1400utc Cedar Breaks NM16; Bryce Canyon NP07 1900utc
  • Sat., Sept. 10: 1600utc Capital Reef NP09
  • Sun., Sept. 11: 13:30utc Arches NP02; 1800utc Canyonlands NP08
  • Mon., Sept.12: (1500utc Pony Express TR15 ? Maybe) ; 1500utc –
    1700utc Timpanogos Cave NM69It looks like NM80 is the most needed at 9 activations and 531 Qs. We have permission from the ARRL to activate it as we will be pedestrian mobile only. We plan to fly in to Las Vegas, rent a car and then drive to NM80. The plane lands at 10:30am PDT so will should be there by around noon or so. The last day maybe only NM69 as it only has 15 activations with 286 Qs.

72  Ed – WA3WSJ

Ed’s NPOTA webpage:  wa3wsj.homestead.com/NPOTARabbitHole.html