W3W : Continental District Aviation Camporee Radio Merit Badge Day

Starting Friday, 5/13, at 4:00 pm through Sunday, 5/15, at 12:00 pm, look for calls W3W and K3ZMC. W3W is the primary station. W3W is being used for all Scouts to earn a radio merit badge at our local Limerick Twp. Heritage Field Airport. It is a three day event. W3W is the most important station to spot for contacts. Please be available to help these scouts earn their radio merit badge.

BSA Radio Merit Badge

BSA Radio Merit Badge

K3ZMC will be a demo station for people to operate at this event. It is very helpful if our members spot us on the DX cluster.
I’ll be using WWW.DXWATCH.COM; you must sign in to spot us. It’s free to use and I use it exclusively – it’s a wonderful service. If you have logging programs many of them will add a spot if you enable them to do so. Either way it goes out to the same places. We have found that this works really well for our public demo of Amateur Radio Operations to keep non-local contacts going.

If you can, monitor the repeater 147.210 on Saturday. If we need to make a local contact, hopefully we can coordinate with you wherever we might be HF,VHF or UHF. 

Walt – KB3SBC and Bill – KA3RMM will have a set of questions that the kids need to ask for every contact – please be patient with the kids. It often takes some coaching to get them through the contacts. Click here to download the script they’ll use.

Thanks for your support.   – Ed – N3WXW