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Fun with Magicians and Boat Anchors

After a nice chat on the phone with our very own Dr. Bill/W3FRB I was told that both the Magician Net & the Mini Boat Anchor Net were listed on the EPA ARRL website.  After enlisting the help of Melody/KB3SJR she graciously found the article posted below.  The listing was submitted by Steve/K3ALV.  Thanks to both Melody and Steve for sharing your time and talents!

Things are just starting to perk up here on the 6 meter band with some great openings into South America.  Although it’s not for everyone, when the band opens up it can lead to some very fast paced contacts.  With the Spring VHF contest coming up in June, and the band starting to show signs of activity it is our hope that everyone will give this often neglected band a try.

Speaking of activity, I got a text message on my cell phone Sunday from none other then Joel/KB3OZC.  Joel always let’s me know when the bands open.  By now I’m sure you’re noticing a bit of a pattern here?  From the very article you see posted below to the message I received on my cell phone Sunday afternoon, it’s people that make it all happen. You may not see them, and you may not hear them directly, but they’re in there just the same.

Here’s a picture of the opening into South America thanks to DXMAPS.COM.  Pretty, isn’t it? DX map of Argentina

During this great opening Bill/WF3M & Joel/KB3OZC nailed both Argentina, or in the Case of Joel, both Argentina and Chilie?  Way to go guys!!  Bill was running an 80 meter dipole on the band.  I can’t make this stuff up.  From rain gutters, to tri-banders, if you can load it up, it’ll work.  You never know untill you try.  Rumors have it that some guys are putting old gear back up on the bench, cleaning it up, and preparing to put their mark on the band.  I won’t tell you who I’m referring to, you’ll just have to get on the net(s) Wednesday night to see for yourself.  This is Ham Radio the way I remember it!!  Maybe you’ll spot a keeper at one of the local hamfests this year?  I especially want to hear those newly licensed techs on the air, and this is a good way to do it.

Leonard / W3VP

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