The next foxhunt will be on Sat., May 27, (Memorial Day weekend) starting at 10 am. We begin at the Pottsgrove Middle School on 1351 N. Hanover St., Pottstown 19464 N 40 deg., 16.27 min, W 75 deg. 38.15 min. Learn more on the fox hunting webpage.  If anyone needs to borrow equipment contact Jim, k3chj at He has a log periodic antenna, passive & active attenuators, a boat anchor 2m radio with an analog s meter plus a PennDOT map. We’ll also have a 440 mhz “pedestrian” fox to find at the finish.

Read an article by Glenn, AB3TQ on his first PAARC foxhunt here: [ilink url=”” style=”download”]First PAARC Foxhunt[/ilink]