FiretowerThe Wed., 8/12, 6 meter net was a great time.  I thank everyone for their participation.  I arrived at the Fire Tower around 3pm to start setting things up, and the next thing I know here comes Ed/N3WXW to the rescue with Citronella candles in tow.  Tom/K3TWL was on standby for directions via 144.360 in case anyone needed them.  The one thing that has impressed me about this club is the amazing support from its members. After almost being carried off the mountain by certain flying (and biting) insects the next person to arrive on the “mountain” is Bill Hewitt carrying of all things a spray can of insect repellant and pizza!

Fire Tower 6M Net Check-ins and Visitors

Check-ins and Visitors

Ben/KE3KQ & his lovely wife Melody/KB3SJR also showed up for some great idle time chit chat.  Special thanks to Melody for posting the event on our “NEWLY IMPROVED” website!!  Next to show was the famous Wall Street Journal.  I believe Ed/WA3WSJ was practicing his camera skills and I’m sure there will be some great photos going around.  Last but certainly not least Ron/WA8YIH became my right hand man for logging all the check-ins on the net. When I mentioned that fact to Ron he held up his left hand with the pencil attached and remarked that he was my “Left handed Right hand man”.   I almost fell off the seat laughing!  You just can’t put a price tag on that kind of entertainment.

radio equipment

WV3P’s Fire Tower Setup

How was the net? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!   DXpeditons might be fun, but they’re also very expensive.  I probably had as much fun and didn’t break the bank doing it.   A net is “NOT” a contest, and I have always refrained from being a number counter, so all I will say is last night’s attendance by the club has set all records.   This never was about the numbers, it was all about giving people the opportunity to do something a little different, and to experience a band that a lot of times appears to be dead.  6 meters is sometimes open when the normal HF bands are not.  Some of our check-ins have remarked that they haven’t had this fun in years, and it’s my job to keep it that way.  I could’ve picked any number of bands to do this with, but have always had a warm spot in my heart for the lowly 6 meter band.  With guys experimenting with antennas, chasing DX, working towards W.A.S, or talking to someone in the club they haven’t had a QSO with in years it just doesn’t get any better than this.

SPECIAL MENTION:  Terry/KB3SOM who was running a station from the Port Clinton? Fire Tower also checked in last night.  Gee… do you think this could be the start of a Pa. Fire Tower Activation?  Terry is part of the “Green Team” that run those peculiar looking old military radio’s.  Cool stuff! His partner in crime Bill/K3RMM also checked in last night.  Great hearing from the both of you.       In Closing, I’d simply like to say, if you have an idea pursue it.  Life’s too short.  I simply threw a piece of wire in the air, and told a few people about it via the reflector.  The next thing you know the word is out on our newly designed website, bug spray & pizza arrive, and we’re having a grand old time at the Fire Tower.  Grab hold of life, hold it by the tail and hang on.  It’s a hell of a ride ;-).   73 from Leonard/WV3P & Bill Hewitt/W3FRB (Dr. Bill)

Completed Six Meter Gif

De Leonard/WV3P