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2017 PAARC Honorees

In case you missed the Dec. meeting, we honored the following members for their contributions to the club:

Bob Rex, K3DBD – Chairman of the Technical Committee and longtime supporter of the club and its members. Bob put the club repeaters on the air way back when, so without Bob there would be no club! Bob keeps the club equipment up and running to this day. He’s also given generously of his time to help members solve technical issues.

Ed Leshinskie, K3BVQ – As the founding member of the Pottstown Area Repeater Team and monthly program director, Ed enjoys welcoming new hams to the hobby, especially through his weekly nets.

Ed McCoy, N3WXW – Ed retired this year from being our longtime events and Field Day chairman. Ed has been a tireless promoter of Amateur Radio to youth and adults alike, and he gave PAARC public visibility.

PAARC Net Control Operators were also lauded for their ongoing efforts to create a space for hams to connect and test equipment:

Ed Leshinskie, K3BVQ, Tues. 2M, Sun. 70cm, Thurs. 10M nets
RC Antal, KC3HRV, – 70 cm Digital Net on Sun. at 8 pm
 Dennis Dolhanczyk, KA3RIX – 220 MHz on Tues. at 8 pm
Leonard Miller, WV3P – 6M Magicians Net Wed. at 8:30 pm
– Steve Sobota, W3ALV – AM 6M Mini Boat Anchor Net Wed. at 9 pm

(For net dates and times, see:

The Board also recognized Lisa Stauffer, KB3YUB and daughter, Carrie Stauffer, for their outstanding contributions with preparing our monthly meeting refreshments and great work on the picnic.

Thanks to all named above who have freely given their time and talents for the good of the club and for amateur radio!!!

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