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Fly-In Breakfast – Sept. 10

Join PAARC members at the Fly-in Breakfast on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017 from 8 am to 12 noon at Heritage Field.  Admission and parking is free. If you come hungry breakfast is $8 for adults and $5 for kids (pancakes, eggs, ham, juice and coffee).  See modern and antique airplanes, warbirds, show cars and R/C models and drones.  Airplane and helicopter rides!  A great morning out for the family!  The entrance to Flyer’s Roost is located on Airport Road off Ridge Pike in Limerick, PA. For more information on the event, visit, or click here for the flyerPAARC members RC, KC3HRV and his dad Paul, KC3HSQ will represent PAARC with a station. Come out and visit! 

Fly-In Breakfast Recap

Sept. 11, Fly-In Breakfast Recap
PAOP, EAA, Chapter 1250fly in breakfast

We had a good time this year at the PAOP Fly-In Breakfast.  Glen WA3LAB brought his remote radio using a Kenwood TS 480 interfaced with his cell phone. On the table he unpacked his TS 480 control head and wireless interface to his phone. His home set up has a similar interface box to his TS 480 transceiver. He demonstrated this  ability to a few hams who were also pilots about how this actually works – really cool stuff! We could talk from Glen’s home station to our club station. No need for a radio check ever! Our club station is an Icom 718, manual antenna tuner, power supply powered by commercial power (we had a generator but it wasn’t needed this year). The antenna was new for this year, a G5RV mini, 51’ overall length. It was up at about 25 feet. It covers 40 thru 6 meters with a tuner. We made contacts as far away Nebraska, and mobiles and base stations in Texas and as far south as Florida. Continue Reading →

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