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ARRL International Grid Chase: Jan. – Dec.

ARRL International Grid Chase – New Year’s Eve to Dec. 31
An event for all radio amateurs. Taking part is as simple as just getting on the air and making contacts: The objective of the year-long event is to work stations on any band (except 60 meters) in as many different Maidenhead grid squares as possible, and then upload your logs to ARRL’s Logbook of The World (LoTW). All contacts on all permitted Amateur Radio bands, except 60 meters, are eligible for award credit. This includes contest contacts. ARRL Grid Chase site.

House Passes Amateur Radio Parity Act

From ARRL News: Just 10 days after being introduced, the 2017 Amateur Radio Parity Act legislation, H.R. 555, passed the U.S. House of Representatives this week on unanimous consent under a suspension of House rules. The bill’s language is identical to that of the 2015 measure, H.R. 1301, which won House approval late last summer after attracting 126 co-sponsors, but failed to clear the U.S. Senate last fall as the 114th Congress wound down. The new bill, again sponsored by Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), was introduced on January 13 with initial co-sponsorship by Rep. Joe Courtney (D-CT) and Rep. Greg Walden, W7EQI (R-OR). Read more:

ARRL Contest Rule Change for Clubs

The ARRL recently announced they were making changes to the club competition rules, effective with the November CW Sweepstakes and affecting all 9 ARRL HF and VHF contests that offer a club competition category. Basically they’ve set up a new web site where the club rosters can be uploaded, they’ve changed the deadline for updating the rosters to the start time of the contest instead of 30 days after, and they’re going to use member’s grid squares instead of lat/long to determine eligibility. So, if you’re thinking of entering any of the ARRL contests this season, and you’d like to help the PAARC results as well, contact Ed, N3WXW, has your details (name, call, 6 digit grid square) so he can keep the club’s contest roster up to date. Find your 6 digit grid square here: Amateur Radio Ham Radio Maidenhead Grid Square Locator Map 

ARRL EPA Interim Appointment

Bob Wiseman, WB3W, of Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, has been
appointed as the Interim Section Manager for the ARRL Eastern
Pennsylvania Section. He is fulfilling the current term of office
that was declared vacant by the ARRL Executive Committee of the ARRL
Board of Directors this past June. Wiseman’s interim appointment
continues through March 31, 2018. Visit the updated website:

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