New Digital Net on Sundays @ 8 pm

All are welcome to join in on the new PAARC digital net for Yaesu System Fusion operators on Sundays at 8:00 pm local time on 443.550. Net Control is RC, KC3HRV. This net follows the 70 cm Club Net at 7:30 pm on 443.550 with Ed, K3BVQ. See these and the other PAARC nets listed on our Google … Continue reading

Fun with Magicians and Boat Anchors

After a nice chat on the phone with our very own Dr. Bill/W3FRB I was told that both the Magician Net & the Mini Boat Anchor Net were listed on the EPA ARRL website.  After enlisting the help of Melody/KB3SJR she graciously found the article posted below.  The listing was submitted by … Continue reading