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June VHF Contest

Just a reminder that the June Contest is coming up next weekend on the 11th
– 13th. Times are from 2 pm Saturday until 11 pm Sunday night. Details on the
Arrl website


Updated: If you want your contest score to be added to the club’s contest score, be sure to enter the club’s name as: Pottstown Area ARC

Rumor has it that Ed/K3BVQ might be on 50.400 at times to see if he can grab
a few contacts just for fun. I’ll be there Ed! Willie/WF3M can usually be
found cranking out some CW in around 50.090 – 50.099. The only exchange you
need is Call & Grid Square. For me it’s fn-20. I give my call & grid, and
he/she gives theirs. That it! It’s that simple.
If you’re running a logging program it’s wise to check for updates before
the contest starts. Ask me how I know? Stupid computers!!

I hope to run into some of you guys during the contest. I’ll be running
three bands. 6, 2, and 432 CW & SSB. Even though I move around a lot I do
keep an ear out for club members. I usually run into Willie/WF3M,
Alex/KA2VLP, Walt/KC3DGC, Joel/KB3OZC, and Pete/K0BOK (rover) just to name a

I hope some of you will give this a try. Whether you make 1, or 100
contacts it’s all good fun. Personally, I’m looking to fill some of those
western states in for my W.A.S. award on 6. If, and I say if the band
cooperates it’s a good time to pick up some of those states you need.

See you on the bands… 73 – Leonard/WV3P


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