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Fox Hunt – Oct. 29

The last transmitter hunt aka fox hunt of the 2016 season was held on October 29, 2016. Weather was sunny, but a cool 36 degrees F at 10

mini transmitter

A Well Hidden Fox

am. Bill (W3FRB) and Jane (KC3FSR) were the foxes. The hunters included Al(AG3T) and Dori (K3TES), Bob (K3DBD), and Jim (K3CHJ) and Sal (NC3U). This was Sal’s first time as a fox hunter. Sal thoroughly enjoyed the event. He plans to extoll the virtues of fox hunting to the other clubs that he is a member of.

All PAARC foxhunts begin at the Pottsgrove Middle School. Why? Because it is the highest accessible point around.  We have 3 fox transmitters: large (5 W), medium (100MW) and micro (10 MW). Hunters can use all fox transmitters to find the foxes, but the large and medium are more frequently used for homing in. 
The foxes hid at Harner Field, next to the  Douglas Township Administration Building. It did not take long for the hunters to find us. Bob, dead-eye accurate, Rex was the first to arrive. His bearing was exact (315 degrees) and his distance was 0.3 mile from the shortest route! Bob was followed by Jim and Sal and then Al and Dori.

The medium and micro fox transmitters were tricky.  The medium fox was hidden in a pile of cell tower pipe. One can only think of the havoc that played on the RF. The micro fox transmitter was hidden even better – but it failed to continue working and will be repaired over the winter.

Below are photos of the fox transmitter locations. No hams included.
Come on out and join in the fun! Can’t wait until 2017!

— Bill (W3FRB)

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